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I've been working in the digital field for 14 years, creating both screen based and physical interactive work. Within this website you'll find examples of my interactive wearable and artworks.

I create wearable technology & electronic art. My most recent work involves investigating physiological sensing technologies and how they can be applied to wearable artworks to measure and interpret moods, health and lifestyle data. I also create fun, interactive and aesthetically pleasing works that include gaming and musical elements. I am keen to demonstrate that electronics, components and circuitry doesn't have to be regarded as cold, boring, hard and boxy and instead can be fun, colourful and elegant, plus be integrated into an overall design of a work. My background is in developing online activities for the BBC as a Senior Producer at BBC Learning and also as Technologist at BBC R&D. I currently work as a freelance consultant, lead workshops in coding and electronics in the form of wearable technology, plus am a PhD researcher, peering into wearable electronics & art.

Influences for styling of some of my wearable tech outfits include Harajuku Japanese street fashion, especially Gothic Lolita and its variations, which has led me to create my own variant on this fashion "Neon-Victoriana" which includes the use of electroluminescent materials and electronic modules.

2012 exhibitions & talks

2011 exhibitions & talks

In previous years, I've exhibited at London's ICA, Brighton Fringe Festival, Fabrica and New York SVA.

I've spoken at many events about wearable electronics, programming, feeds, APIs, open source and interactive art, and am an advocate of the importance of microcontrollers being a great introduction to electronics and programming for children and adults alike. I am currently designing sewable electronics kits for workshops.